Introducing NuParc Residences

NuParc Residences is reinventing the modern lifestyle, presenting an innovative way of life in L.A.’s most desirable neighborhoods. With a collection of distinct, residential enclaves located throughout the city, NuParc Residences is ushering in the future of homeownership in Los Angeles, offering a more sustainable, walkable lifestyle under the city’s Small Lot Subdivision Ordinance.

Small Lot Living

In NuParc’s series of modern residential enclaves, buyers purchase detached, townhome-style residences as well as the land directly beneath it. The footprint is smaller than that of a typical single-family residence which translates to savings in land costs. Also a departure from the condominium model of living, NuParc’s residences are separated by inches with no shared walls. That means no hefty homeowner’s association dues, only minimal fees for common area maintenance.

Stylish, Smart, Sophisticated

Each NuParc Residences community features a collection of masterfully crafted residences, showcasing the ideal that architecture can be both artful and intelligent.