The Way of the Future

NuParc Residences is the result of an innovative vision to offer an alternative housing solution and a modern take on the Los Angeles lifestyle. Under the city’s Small Lot Subdivision Ordinance, NuParc Residences presents a fresh, forward-thinking approach to urban residential design.

Community Driven Design

NuParc Residences provides community-oriented living that inspires connectivity while living spaces remain quiet, private retreats. In keeping with the Small Lot Subdivision guidelines, each residential enclave offers flexible, space-savvy designs that enhance the overall character and aesthetic of the neighborhood.

The Lighter Side of Life

Without hefty land or HOA costs, NuParc Residences offers individuals and families the opportunity to own in some of L.A.’s most sought-after neighborhoods while enjoying a higher quality of life and more financial freedom to invest in life-enriching experiences, such as travel, arts and entertainment.